Basic Play
You must guide your creature around and through eight towers in order to reach the top of each and defuse an evil threat.
To move around the tower, press left and right. Press up to enter a door.
Pure white squares are elevators. Press up or down while standing on one to move to a different level of the tower.
To jump over obstacles, press left or right and .
To defend yourself, you can throw snowballs by pressing with centred. Most enemies aren't hurt by your snowballs.
Learn how to dodge them by moving around, even back to a lower level of the tower if necessary. Your creature can survive a fall to a lower level of the tower, but if he lands in the water, you lose a life. Some of the steps on the tower are false steps and you will fall if you step on them. Pay attention and learn to jump over or avoid them.
With the tower destroyed, go back to the submarine and dive to the next tower.
You may get extra points during the sea travel by fishing: Shoot air bubbles by pressing to catch the fishes. Collect them them by moving your submarine up, down, left and right by pressing .