Back Story

Zankuro Minazuki is a man who has become known as “The Demon.” For as long as those left alive can remember, Zankuro has indiscriminately attacked villages, leaving one massive slaughter after another in his wake.

The edge of Zankuro’s blade set loose the final screams of death from countless people, drowning them in a sea of blood. There was no one who could stop the violence. 

But then…

In one village, Zankuro allowed an infant to escape death. No, perhaps one should say he was unable to murder the infant. Even now the real truth is unknown, but it is said from that day forward Zankuro began to only attack those samurai who carried a sword. 

Many years later…

Twelve unique warriors with vastly different motivations are on the move. Their goal is none other than the head of The Demon, Zankuro Minazuki.