Getting Started
Pressing as the game loads will take you to the Main Menu screen. Press up and down on to highlight a menu item, then press to select. Selecting GAME START will launch a brief explanation of the controls, after which you can select your character, technique, and level.

Start the game. A brief explanation of the controls will play first.

Change various game settings.

Select one of two personalities: Slash (Chivalry) or Bust (Treachery). Both personalities offer their own set of special moves.

Select one of the following difficulty levels.

Upper Grade (Sword Saint): Unable to block while standing or crouched.
Medium Grade (Blade Master): Rage Gauge fills up normally when suffering damage.
Beginner’s Class (Sword Apprentice): Multiple Slash and Disarm are easier to perform.


Two controllers compatible with Virtual Console are required for Multiplayer Mode. Refer to the Wii operations manual for further information.