Character Introductions


Age: 25
Nationality: Japan
Iga Ninja

The leader of the Iga ninja clan, and said to be the strongest fighter in all of Japan. While obsessed with becoming the best there is, he knows the limits of his ability full well, and constantly strives to push them back. Using his own trained body as his weapon, he is determined to come out on top.

Rettkou Zan
Hanzou draws energy from his legendary blade, the Masamune, forms it into the shape of a shuriken and hurls it at his enemy.
( + Punch)

Koryu Wave
The ultimate technique of the Iga ninja clan. Hanzou focuses his willpower into his blade Masamune, then unleashes it in a single burst. This technique derives its name from the fact that it looks almost as if Koryu himself is rising from the blade.
( + Punch)

Ninpo Kourin Kazan
Hanzou stretches his limbs away from his body and starts to spin, turning his body into a lethal weapon. Then he hurls himself at his foe.
( + Kick)


Age: 25
Nationality: Japan
Occupation: Fuuma Ninja

The leader of the Fuuma Ninjas, who are a match for the famed Iga Ninjas. From the day of his birth, his exceptional talent brought him nothing but success until, at age 19, he was defeated for the first time in his life in a duel with Hanzou. He is firmly determined to do whatever it takes to defeat Hanzou. Like Hanzou, Fuuma has drilled his body into a weapon, and now seeks battle.

Rettpu Zan
By swinging his blade Murasame at supersonic speeds, Fuuma creates a whirlwind.
( + Punch)

Enryu Wave
A technique Fuuma mastered by learning from the Iga clan's Koryu Wave. The basic principle is the same as with the Koryu Wave, but because Fuuma's willpower is of a different nature, so is the technique.
( + Punch)

Ninpo Furin Kazan
Fuuma creates a tornado by spinning his body with his arms outstretched. Then he casts the tornado at his opponent.
( + Kick)


Age: 26
Nationality: China
Occupation: Kenpou warrior

A fighter so strong that he is said to be the strongest in China's 4000-year history. Although he originally fought for his dream to become a movie star, he now wants to find out about his own strength, which is why he answered the summons. The most dangerous weapon at his disposal is his amazing speed.

Hyaku Retsu Panch
Dragon unleashes a flurry of punches at sonic speeds.
(Rapidly press Punch)

Dragon Kick
Dragon focuses his spirit into his leg and performs a jumping kick.
( + Kick)


Age: 18
Nationality: France
Occupation: Fencer

Although she is a woman, none can surpass her skill with the rapier. Recently, she has been wanting to marry a man stronger than herself, but it is doubtful she will find a man like that. Her sacred blade gives her confidence in battle. In all, she is a good all round fighter.

Ohra Bird
A fiery bird flies from Janne's sword and attacks her opponent.
( + Punch)

Flash Sword
Janne transforms her sword and unleashes a piercing strike.
( + Kick)

J. Carn

Age: 35
Nationality: Mongolian
Occupation: Warlord and fighter

The proud chieftain of a horseback-riding people. Although he has wreaked havoc all over the world, he still desired new battles. The strength of his arms is unequalled.

Mouko Hakyoku Do
Carn rears back, then slams into his opponent.
( + Punch)

Mongolian Dynamite
Carn rams one arm into the ground, causing it to explode.
( + Punch)

Muscle Power

Age: 38
United States
Occupation: Wrestler

A power fighter whose techniques are all supercharged with destructive power. He is always in search of the strong, and is willing to go to the ends of the universe to find them.

Muscle Bomb
Muscle Power rushes his opponent and downs him with a lariat.
( + Punch)

Tornado Breaker
Muscle Power grabs his opponent, jumps, then lands on his opponent, breaking their back.
(Circular movement on the +Control Pad + Punch)


Age: 30
Nationality: German
Occupation: Soldier

This soldier mechanized his own body in order to become stronger. As a result, his body is now as hard as steel, and his mind is now as cold and calculating as a computer.

Grenade Launcher
Launches the projectiles he has hidden in his arms.
( + Punch)

Hurricane Arm
Brocken points his finger at the sky, then whirls it around to create a tornado.
( + Punch)

Spark Thunder
Brocken points at his enemy and unleashes a 100,000 Volt electric discharge.
(Rapidly press Punch)


Age: Unknown
Nationality: Russia
Occupation: Magician

A mysterious magician who possesses the highest knowledge in the world. He fights to show the world that battle is ultimately futile. Wielding his magic as a weapon, he prides himself in his alternative way of fighting.

Fire Ball
Rasputin gathers fire spirits in his arms and unleashes them on his enemy.
( + Punch)

Accelerator Spin
By rapidly spinning around his axis, Rasputin causes the hem of his robe to become like a razor-sharp blade that slices his opponent.
( + Kick)