Basic Rules
Evolved Fighting! This is TB-S!!
You are not alone. You can rely on your partners! Instead of choosing just one character you choose an entire team. Either employ the characteristics of each of the 3 team members to their utmost potential, or fight using TB-S (Team Battle System). The participating order of your fighters will also play a part in the outcome of the battle. Use your own technique and strategy to lead your team to victory!!
The first participant shall begin battle according to the participating order confirmed before the match. It's a one round fight!
The winner shall remain in the ring, and the loser shall tag out to the next fighter. However, the remaining victor shall not recover full health. With a slightly recovered health from winning and time bonuses, the victor must challenge the next participating opponent.
The first player to defeat all 3 of the opponent's fighters is the winner. If all of your fighters are defeated you lose. You must master the strategy of TB-S in order to win through this revolutionary fighting system!
In this game, aside from TB-S MODE it is also possible to play SINGLE MODE. SINGLE MODE works in the same manner as traditional fighting systems, where 1 character is chosen and plays through 2 round matches to ensure victory. Of course, in this mode the player will recover full health after each round.