Character Introductions

The Fool

A laid-back character with a rosy view of things, his peculiar nature allows him to keep in good spirits no matter what befalls him.

Hobby: Going on walks
Personality: Has an insatiable curiosity
Likes: Nothing in particular
Dislikes: Nothing in particular

The Magician

A narcissist who’s brimming with pride and always puts on airs. Despite his playboy persona and interest in underground information, his claim to be a genius magician isn’t too far from the truth.

Hobby: Collecting secrets
Personality: Sarcastic
Likes: Being alone
Dislikes: Being out in the open

The High-Priestess

An intellectually minded woman of the cloth with a bit of an arrogant streak. Enjoys reading and has recently developed an intense interest in astrology.

Hobby: Reading
Personality: Arrogant
Likes: Studying astrology
Dislikes: Sports in general

The Empress

A spoiled and demanding selfish princess. With Strength’s Father and Devil as her servants, every day is full of mischievous antics. Occasionally she will transform into a pristine queen.

Hobby: Recruiting followers
Personality: Selfish princess
Likes: Cruelty to others
Dislikes: Being ordered

The Emperor

Has a fancy for all things beautiful. His feverish attention to makeup and removing stray hairs turned him into a cross-dresser. But once he unleashes his anger, there’s no stopping his rage. He adores Hierophant.

Hobby: Collecting art, and the pursuit of beauty
Personality: Exuberant
Likes: Hanging out with beautiful people
Dislikes: Things of bad taste

The Hierophant

A kind boy who extends his hand to anyone he sees in need. His handsome features make him quite the lady’s man, but he’s also a bit of a pushover, a blemish to his attractiveness.

Hobby: Helping others
Personality: Peace-lover
Likes: Sunbathing
Dislikes: Fighting

The Lovers

A close pair (?) who have always been the best of friends. On their own they might not be strong enough, but they succeed by assisting each other.

Hobby: Playing with Mr. Piggy
Personality: Sweet
Likes: Playing grown-ups
Dislikes: Brushing teeth

The Chariot

A powerful warrior full of drive and ambition. He returns this year again with his special attack, the “Mach Boomerang”, which he obtained at last year’s tournament.

Hobby: Warrior training
Personality: Pumped meathead
Likes: A good challenge
Dislikes: Defeat

The Strength

An orphan left in the jungle with Rawr-rawr the lion and adopted by his now-father. Because of her rambunctious nature she’s often mistaken for a boy – but are they ever wrong!

Hobby: Hunting
Personality: Respectful of her father
Likes: Playing in the outdoors
Dislikes: Staying still

The Justice

A strongly righteous girl who dislikes any “questionable” behavior. Her dream is to use her Justice Sword to extinguish evil from the world!

Hobby: Fighting and training to destroy evil
Personality: Driven by an intense sense of justice
Likes: Works of good
Dislikes: Bad deeds

The Death

The god of death whose sad fate remains unknown to others. Its purpose is to collect the heads of those it conquers.

Hobby: Collecting heads
Personality: Prideful
Likes: Drinking blood
Dislikes: Praise from others

The Devil

A little devil who loves to cause mischief. Despite being outspoken, there’s a certain charm about him. He gets bored easily and can’t keep at any task long. Also, a bit of a crybaby.

Hobby: Causing mischief
Personality: Rambunctious
Likes: Causing a ruckus
Dislikes: Studying magic

The Star

To make her dream of becoming a singer come true, she practices all night and day, but in reality she’s tone deaf – though she hasn’t the slightest clue. Her popularity is on the rise thanks to her endless cheer and bright smile.

Hobby: Singing
Personality: A girl who’s totally in style
Likes: Brushing teeth – a great smile is everything!
Dislikes: Nothing in particular

The Sun

An infant full of energy. Friendly and with the cutest smile which everyone absolutely loves.

Hobby: Napping
Personality: Inattentive
Likes: Rolling around
Dislikes: Nothing in particular

The Judgment

A tomboy who goes by the mantra, “show some guts and fire up!” She finds satisfaction in making others laugh, but actually isn’t good at telling jokes.

Hobby: Mountain climbing, and exercise
Personality: Rugged and responsible
Likes: Playing the trumpet
Dislikes: Unfairness

The World

A peaceful and caring goddess. Watches over all of Magical Land with her third eye.

Hobby: Bathing
Personality: Calm and motherly
Likes: Swimming in the sky
Dislikes: Being treated like a old lady