Once you’ve lost all your lives and your game is over, you will receive a password. You should make a note of the password, as it will allow you to resume your game from where you left off.

To resume your game with a password, select PASSWORD from the selection screen, and then enter the password you wrote down.

Entering a Password
Use left or right on to move around the password-entry screen, and up or down to enter a letter or number. Once the password is ready, press to enter it.
About Saving When using the save function, you will lose the save data if you perform the following operations. In this case, please note that you cannot restore the lost data.
  • Press the Power Button or RESET on the Wii console or Wii Remote while data is being saved.
  • Open the HOME Menu and select the Wii Menu or Reset while data is being saved.
  • Disconnect the Wii Power Supply from the DC Input Connector while the power of the Wii console is ON.