Basic Play
Move Bub (Player 1) and Bob (Player 2) around the screen and encase enemy beasties in your bubbles. Once you’ve trapped an enemy inside a bubble, pop the bubble to finish off the foe. You will advance to the next stage after defeating every enemy, but if you touch an enemy or its projectiles, you will lose one life. Furthermore, if you lose a life when you have no lives remaining, the game will end. Teamwork is crucial to succeeding in two-player games, so be sure to work with your partner to take down all the enemies.

After your game ends, the game over screen is displayed. Press to return to the selection screen. Select 1P CONTINUE or 2P CONTINUE and confirm with . Then you can continue your game from any level you previously reached by selecting it with or and confirming with .

Beginning a Two-Player Game during Single-Player
If a second player wants to join in the action during a single-player game, press on the first player’s controller to pause the game, then press . Player 1 will have to give up one life to bring Bob (Player 2) into the game as a teammate.

Reviving Your Teammate
If one of the two players runs out of lives and drops out of a multiplayer game before the other player, the remaining player can share a remaining life to bring the fallen teammate back into the game.