Basic Play
In this one-player adventure, your quest is to discover Count Dracula's five missing body parts. Upon finding these gruesome items, proceed to Dracula's castle, where you'll again duel to the death with the count. But heed the warnings of others and find the Cross before entering his domain.

This quest won't be easy, for you must battle hideous fiends who stalk the land. Fortunately, the longer you survive, the greater your Experience Rating, and the less vulnerable your troubled soul.

Hints to help you on your adventure can be found as you wander around friendly Transylvania. Stop and talk to the villagers, because these helpful strangers will give you clues. Some are also merchants who'll sell you weapons and other mystical items. Your purchasing power depends on how many Hearts you've collected during your confrontations with evil.

Another warning: a few friendly villagers are town pranksters, and their clues are false. Of course, you'll never know until you take a chance.