Dracula’s Nail
The nail is the symbol of evil power.
Dracula’s Eyeball
When searching for body parts, keep an “eye” out for this one!
Dracula’s Rib Bone
The rib bone will make ordinary heroes feel like spineless cowards.
Dracula’s Ring
It's been in the count's family for hundreds of years. Then again, the count's also been in his family for hundreds of years.
The Heart of Dracula
Watch out! The heart attacks.
The Cross
You must have the Cross to seal Dracula's fate.
Silk Bag
If you have the Silk Bag, you can carry a larger supply of Laurels.
White Crystal
The White Crystal offers a weakened source of magic power.
Blue Crystal
The Blue Crystal offers stronger magical powers than the White Crystal.
Red Crystal
You must have the Red Crystal before you enter Dracula's Castle.
Holy Water
Holy Water disintegrates walls and floors that conceal weapons and items.
The Dagger
The Dagger can be thrown to kill distant enemy creatures.
The Silver Knife
The Silver Knife can be thrown farther than the Dagger.
The Gold Knife
This is your strongest knife, and it has a mysterious power.
The Oak Stake
You'll need the Oak Stake to collect Dracula's body parts from the mansions.
The Flame
The Flame weakens creatures' evil powers.
A Laurel helps make you invincible against enemy attacks for a limited time. You can purchase Laurels from town merchants.
Place Garlic in front of enemies to weaken them significantly.
The Diamond
Throw it and see what happens.
The Leather Whip
The weapon you begin the game with.
The Thorn Whip
The Thorn Whip is stronger than the Leather Whip.
The Chain Whip
The Chain Whip is stronger than the Thorn Whip.
The Morning Star
The Morning Star is longer than the Chain Whip.
The Flame Whip
Magic changes the Morning Star into the Flame Whip and gives it mysterious powers.
Hearts appear when you destroy an enemy creature. Collect them to increase your Experience Rating and give you extra purchasing power.