Tempting Tips
If you’re having trouble, keep these pieces of advice in mind:
  • To put a little distance on a thrown jellybean, take a step back before throwing it.
  • Be careful where you place your holes. It could be a long way down!
  • Whistling is one way to bring Blob closer to you. But if you’re trying to position him in a critically precise spot, change him into an item so he can easily be picked up and moved.
  • Never go too far without letting Blob catch up. If you lose him, you’re out of luck. Unless, of course, you have some ketchup...
  • To increase the height of a jump on your trampoline, press and hold up on .
    To decrease the height, press and hold down on . To jump off, move to the side at the pinnacle of your jump.
  • Remember, after you’ve collected enough treasure you should return to the street, go to the health-food store and purchase some vitamins.
  • Experiment! Experiment! Experiment!