Getting Started
When the title screen appears,
press to call up a list of available modes. Scroll through the modes with and select one with .

TURBO Play the game at a different speed than Normal Mode. Select from five different levels of speed by pressing left or right with .
NORMAL Play the game at regular speed without the newly-added special moves. This mode plays very similarly to Street Fighter™ II’: Champion Edition.
OPTION Adjust difficulty, timer settings, button configuration, sound, etc., here.
The Virtual Console version is not compatible with the Capcom Power Stick.

When you select Turbo or Normal, a screen displaying
the following modes will appear. Select between these modes with , and press to start the game.
GAME START Fight against computer-controlled opponents. While in this mode, it is also possible to fight against another player.
V.S. BATTLE Fight against another player only. 
During multiplayer games, each player will need a controller compatible with the Virtual Console. For more information, please refer to the Wii Operations Manual.