Weapons & Items

Along with your fists, you have several weapons available to you. But you must find them first. Weapons can be found in satchels or clay pots scattered around the game. To pick up a weapon, use your fists or whip on a pot or satchel, then simply walk through the weapon that appears. If you fail to complete a level, you will lose all your weapons except for a grenade. (You always start with one grenade.)
Items can be found throughout the levels and can be picked up by walking into them.
Causes a blast that destroys every enemy on the screen. You begin with one grenade.
Fires a single shot. Itís weaker than the whip but has a longer range.
Perfect for slashing foes and helping you swing over lava pits, piranha pools, and other seemingly impossible obstacles.
Pick these up to restore part of your life meter.
Collect 100 crystals to receive an extra life.
Extra Life
This will add another life to your count.