Getting Started
Press or on the title screen to display the main menu. Select the number of players and the game mode with or then press or to confirm or to cancel.
After selecting a game mode, choose a driver, then choose a Cup or course. The options available to you will differ depending on the game mode.

Note: MarioKart GP and Time Trial records are automatically saved. To delete all saved data, press + + + at the title screen.
Game Modes
(1-2 players)
Compete in a series of races against seven other karts. There are two selectable speed classes: 50cc for beginners and 100cc for more skilled racers.

Note: As you progress in this mode, extra features will become available.
(1 player)
Choose a course and try to finish in the fastest time possible.
(2 players)
A one-on-one race against another player on the course of your choice.
(2 players)
Attack your rival and burst all of their balloons to win.
During multiplayer games, each player will need a controller compatible with the Virtual Console. For more information, please refer to the Wii Operations Manual.