You can save up to three different games, and there are several places from which you can save a game. When you resume playing a saved game, you may begin from any one of those three saves.
Selecting a slot with data already saved will overwrite it with the new data.
Deleted data cannot be restored, so be careful.
  • Map Screen
  • While on the map screen, you can open the save screen at any time to save your game.
  • Save Points
  • There are save points throughout the game. Access the save screen in the main menu by standing on the save point and pressing , or access the save screen directly by pressing while standing on the save point.
About Saving When using the save function, you will lose the save data if you perform the following operations. In this case, please note that you cannot restore the lost data.
  • Press the Power Button or RESET on the Wii console or Wii Remote while data is being saved.
  • Open the HOME Menu and select the Wii Menu or Reset while data is being saved.
  • Disconnect the Wii Power Supply from the DC Input Connector while the power of the Wii console is ON.