Getting Started
The time: Space Century 342. The place: the three planet Algol Solar System. The aging King Lassic, fearing his own mortality, has joined an evil cult in the hopes of extending his own life indefinitely. But with evil undertakings come evil deeds.

King Lassic's rule quickly became tyrannical as he burdens his subjects with outrageous taxes, and sees town after town fall into ruin. His efficient Robotcops have crushed all opposition to his rule, but one plucky girl named Alis is taking a stand. Guide Alis and her party of friends around Algol as you search for clues that can help end Lassic's reign of terror.

At the Title Screen, select START to begin a new game, or CONTINUE to restart a previously saved game.

When you select CONTINUE, you are first given the option to continue or delete a game. Select YES to CONTINUE GAME or NO to DELETE GAME. You will then be given a choice of five game slots to either continue or delete, depending on your previous selection.