Detailed Commands
Pick Up Item Press down over the item.
Use Item (With Wii Remote) Press repeatedly to move the cursor, then press to use it.
(With Classic Controller) , , and correspond to the appropriate item. Press the corresponding button to use the item.
Serial Double Punch forward + ( on the Classic Controller)
Serial High Kick Tornado diagonally up forward + ()
Serial Low Kick diagonally down forward + ()
Uppercut up + ()
Floor Sweep down + ()
Back Kick/Turn Around backward + ()
Whirlwind Jump Kick then ( then )
Somersault Leap Forward (diagonally up/down) forward + ()
Flying Dragon Kick () during Somersault Leap Forward
Grab & Kick Hold () then () again
Grab & Toss Hold () then backward + ()
Roll down, then forward
Shaolin Kick up, down + ()
Scissor Kick down, up + ()
Aeroplane Hold ()
Shoulder Smash backward, forward + () or push into an object and press ()
Custom Action (Classic Controller only) Press to perform a move assigned in the Options.