Game Screen

Game Screen 1) Vitality: Show's your remaining energy. The game ends if this becomes empty.
2) Enemy Life: The enemy's remaining strength. Appears during battle.
3) Item/Magic: Displays the Item or Magic you have equipped ready to use.
4) Gold: Total Gold pieces you have collected.

Equipment Window Press to bring up the Equipment Window.
1) Vitality
2) Item/Magic equipped
3) Attack Points
4) Defence Points
5) Special Points
6) Equipment Inventory/Selection

Item Select

From the Equipment Window, use to select an equipment category and or ( or for Classic Controller) to see the Items available for that category. Select the Item to equip and press ( for Classic Controller). To equip Magic, select an Item and press ( for Classic Controller), then use left or right to choose a slot and press ( for Classic Controller) again.