Stage Introductions
South Korea
Kim dances through the air in front of the south gate. And who is that on the bicycle?
Japan (Jukai)
Mai fights aboard a raft floating down a river. Shrine archways appear in the background.
West America
This is Terry's stage. He fights on the roof of a running transcontinental train.
Truckers and bikers get together. The setting sun illuminates Big Bear as he howls his war cry.
Hong Kong
A neon-lit restaurant sits in the background. This is where Cheng unleashes his unique Chinese martial arts.
Japan (Kumamoto)
A park, lined with two majestic statues... This idyllic scenery is where Juubei chooses to fight.
Against a background of a beautiful temple in a lake, Joe shows his kicking prowess. There are fish inside the pots.
Andy awaits you aboard a finely crafted gondola.