Plan Ahead

To finish a course with a good time, you must use a path without obstacles. Watch out for mud patches—they will slow you down if you hit them.

When you go off a jump, pressing left on makes you jump
high, but not far. Conversely, pressing right on makes you jump farther at the expense of altitude. Experiment to find the appropriate jump for each ramp.

Press to use your turbo. Turbo is especially useful for getting a boost off the starting line or to avoid an oncoming obstacle.
Cool Zones

Cool zones ( ) cool off your engine when you run through them. Use them whenever possible.
Other Riders

You know that the tracks in Excitebike are laden with mud and other obstacles. But the other racers are also aware of this, so don't let them force you into a bad spot. If you want to play dirty, you can trip up racers by hitting them with your back wheel.