Life Pellet
Restores 2 life points.

You can get a password on the

You can view the map on the sub-screen.

Your current location will appear in green on the map.

Power of Insight
Special items will appear in pink on the map.

Life Container
You will get an extra Life Container. Each Life Container can hold 49 life points.

Fills up a Life Container.

Water of Life
Restores all of your Life Containers to full points.

Power Rings
There are three differently coloured rings (red, green and blue), each of which will show the location of the corresponding key in blue on the map.

Collect all three of these (red, green and blue) to open the temple gate.

Suction Cup
This will allow Bop-Louie to climb walls. To do this, press in the direction of the wall and press repeatedly.

Star Item
This will enable Bop-Louie’s special attack.

Snowman Item
This will enable Freeon-Leeon’s special attack.

Hammer Item
This will enable Shades’s special attack.

Bomb Item
This will enable Gil’s special attack.