Each character has his own special characteristics. You can change character freely using the sub-screen.

  • Bop-Louie, the main character, is a fast walker on land with average jumping skills. He never learned to swim, so he panics and flails whenever he is out of his depth. If he picks up the Suction Cup, he can climb walls.
  • Bop-Louie’s special ability allows him to use his head as a weapon.

  • Freeon is a sluggish walker and an average jumper. However, his feet have excellent traction and he can walk at normal speeds on icy surfaces. He can also swim across the surface of water.
  • Freeon’s special ability allows him to blow a freezing gust of icy wind.

  • As a ghost, Shades has a natural ability to float down slowly from his high jumps. However, he is a slow walker and like Bop-Louie, he has no swimming ability to speak of.
  • Shades’s special ability allows him to use his eyes as a short-range weapon.

  • Gil’s walking and jumping abilities are relatively poor, but his underwater prowess more than makes up for it. He can walk at top speed underwater and swim like a champion.
  • Gil’s special ability allows him to belch small egg bombs.