Game Modes
MarioKart GP
Challenge the Cups of the MarioKart GP! Each Cup consists of 5 courses, and in each one your objective is to make it through 5 laps and reach the finish line before your opponents do.
You must finish each race in the top 4 to qualify for the next course, otherwise you will lose a kart and have to restart the course. If you run out of karts, the game will be over.

Note: When playing in 2P mode, if either player finishes in the top 4, both players will progress to the next course. However, if a player does not finish in the top 4, that player will still lose a kart. If one player has no karts remaining, that player’s game will end and the other player will continue alone.
Time Trial
See how quickly you can speed through a course! There are no items, Coins or opponents in this mode.

Note: Your top 5 times and best lap time are automatically saved. To delete Time Trial course records, select a course, then press + + + .
Match Race
Go head to head with another player in a race to the finish line! There are no computer-controlled opponents in this mode.
Battle Mode
Two players. One course. Time for a showdown! The object here is to burst all three of your opponent's balloons using items that you obtain from the question blocks. The first to run out of balloons loses. There are no computer-controlled opponents in this mode.