Pass over question blocks to collect items. After you pass over a block it will turn red, and cannot be used again. You cannot hold more than one item at once.
When you pass over a question block, wait for a few seconds or press to randomly select an item, then press to use it.

Note: In Battle Mode, question blocks will reset after a certain amount of blocks have been used.
 Item List

Gives your kart a quick speed boost.

Jump high into the air to avoid obstacles and holes.

Become invincible for a short time. Any karts you hit will spin out.

Green Shell
Fire a green shell in a straight line ahead of you. It will continue to bounce off walls until it hits a kart or item, or falls off the course.

Note: Press ⇩+ to drop the shell behind you instead of shooting it forwards.

Red Shell
Fire a red shell, which will home in on the kart in front of you. It will not bounce off walls.

Banana Peel
Drop a banana peel on the course. Any kart that touches it will spin out.

Note: Press ⇧+ to throw the banana peel out ahead of you instead of dropping it.

Add 2 Coins to your Coin total.

Lightning Bolt
Strike all other karts with lightning to shrink them, making them slow and prone to being flattened by other karts.

You will become invisible on your opponent’s screen. If your opponent is holding an item, you will steal it.

Note: Lightning Bolts and Coins only appear in MarioKart GP and Match Race modes. The Ghost only appears in Battle Mode and Match Race modes.