Each character has his/her own unique racing style. They also have their own powerful items when computer-controlled, so watch out!
Mario & Luigi
(Standard Performance)
The Mario Brothers are good all-rounders, with an average skill level in acceleration, top speed and control.

As enemies, they will activate their invincibility when you are near. Don’t get shocked!
Princess & Yoshi
(Fast Acceleration)
Both of these racers have very fast acceleration, enabling them to zoom to their top speed in seconds!

As enemies, the Princess will leave poison mushrooms in your path to shrink you, while Yoshi will plant eggs to make you spin out.
Bowser & Donkey Kong Jr.
(High Top Speed)
Both of these two drivers have been arch enemies of Mario. They are also rather hefty, so they have slow acceleration, but their top speed is great!

When these two are your enemies, look out for Bowser's fireballs and Donkey Kong Jr.'s banana peels, or you’ll be spinning out before you know it!
Koopa Troopa & Toad
(Good Control)
At first glance, these two seem small and weak - and they are! But they also have excellent control, so they don’t skid nearly as easily as anyone else.

As enemies, Koopa Troopa will leave shells on the track and Toad will plant his own shrink-me brand of poison mushroom!