Getting Started
To start playing, select either GAME START or V.S START from the title screen and press to confirm.
GAME START Select GAME START to play the main game. Select the number of players, then select a character.
V.S START Select V.S START to play the target shooting practice mode. Select 1P V.S COM or 1P V.S 2P, then select a character.

To change the options, press down on to select OPTION and confirm by pressing . Press up and down on to move between options and left and right to cycle through the different suboptions of your selection.

GAME LEVEL Choose between EASY, NORMAL, and HARD difficulty levels.
BGM TEST Listen to the background music. Select a track and press , or to play it. Press to stop playback.
SOUND MODE Set audio output to STEREO or MONAURAL.
1P PAD TYPE Change controller settings for Player 1.
2P PAD TYPE Change controller settings for Player 2.

During multiplayer games, each player will need a controller compatible with the Virtual Console. For more information, please refer to the Wii Operations Manual.