Basic Play
The young and beautiful Annie went to see Clint, the renowned space bounty hunter.

“My entire family was abducted and killed by the Kid family. I will pay you whatever you want to help me get rid of those villains.”
“I don’t need any help,” said Clint in a haughty voice.
“I insist on helping you,” replied Annie. “I have a personal vendetta against the Kid family, and besides, I bet I am as good a shot as you are.”
“We’ll see about that. Let’s go!”

The object of the game is simple: defeat the bad guys on the screen while the timer counts down to zero. Defeating enemies makes the timer run down faster, so just keep shooting. Then defeat the boss that appears; they’ll be identified by the word BOSS. Please be careful though: take one hit and you’ll lose a life. In each stage, the viewpoint is from behind your character. Each of the six stages contains about three sub-stages. Once you complete the first stage, you can complete stages 2-5 in any order. The bonus displayed at the beginning of each stage is the amount of points you’ll get once the stage has been completed.
When you’ve lost all your lives, the continue screen will appear. You can continue your game from the beginning of the stage your game ended in by pressing before the timer counts down to zero. If the time runs out, the records screen will be displayed and then you will return to the title screen. There is no limit to the number of times you may continue.