Getting Started
After learning of her father’s capture by an unknown enemy force, Lucia Cabrock takes control of “Gley Lancer”, the hyper-space fighter plane CSH-01-XA, to rescue him. Collect items and power up your Gunner to battle against the enemy aliens.

At the Title Screen, press to display the Main Menu. Use up or down to select a Mode and press to play.

GAME START: Start the game.
OPTION: Access the OPTION Screen.

Steps to Start the Game
1. Choose “OPTION” and adjust your settings.

2. Return to the Menu Screen and choose “GAME START”.

3. When “SELECT MOVER SYSTEM” is displayed, choose your Gunner’s formation. You can also see your Gunner by pressing ( for Classic Controller).

4. Once you decide your Gunner’s formation, press to start the game.