How to Play
After graduating from the Pilot Training Academy, Lucia Cabrock joins the Earth Federation Armyís Second Squadron and becomes a pilot under her uncle, Captain Gran Raffrade of the Aeriel Space Fleet. In the year 2025, the peaceful planet of Earth is attacked by aliens. Luciaís father, Commander Ken Cabrock, uses the Oberon Space Fleet to stop them when his ship is hit by a mysterious weapon and vanishes. In fear of her fatherís safety, Lucia takes over a fighter plane to rescue him. The plane is Gley Lancer, a prototype fighter secretly developed with the almighty electromagnetic attack unit Gunner.

The combination of the Gunner and the Mover is essential with this game. You can create a total of 49 combinations for Gley Lancer. Since you choose your Mover at the very beginning of the game, the selection of your Gunner parts will be the key to winning.

Game Over and Continue
The game is over when all remaining ships are lost. Once the game is over, the Continue Screen will appear. If you press in the Continue Screen, you can start the game again from the beginning of the last stage you were playing. There are no limits to the number of times you can continue, so you can challenge the game as many times as you wish.

If your score is high enough to appear on the SCORE RANKING, you will be able to input your initials. Use left or right to change the letter. Press or ( or for Classic Controller) to accept the current letter. Press ( for Classic Controller) to go back.