Below are the main characters that appear in the story.

Lucia Cabrock
Lucia is the 19 year old heroine of this game. She is a member of the Second Squadron Pilot Team, part of the Aeriel Space Fleet. During her childhood, she did not get the opportunity to see her father much, due to his position as Commander Captain in the Army. She often acts tough, but sometimes she can get very emotional. Because her colleague Tim is rather childish, Lucia tends to seem very mature.

Eddie Wilson
Eddie has been Lucia’s colleague since the Pilot Training Academy. A great pilot, Eddie graduated with the second highest grade there. Eddie tries to be serious, but others get the impression that Eddie is more like a comic relief.

Gran Raffrade
The 42 year old Captain of the Earth Federation Army’s Second Squadron Aeriel Space Fleet, Gran Raffrade, is Lucia’s uncle. Because he was once a pilot, he understands the dangers faced in battle. His men know this, and follow his orders without question. While respected, Gran Raffrade is also known for being very strict, due to his harsh experiences with war.

Ken Cabrock
Ken Cabrock is the Commander of the Earth Federation Army’s First Squadron. With his Oberon Space Fleet, he has been charged to protect the entire Solar System. He was awarded a Medal of Honor for defeating the main Rebellion Fleet in the coup d’etat of 2017. He is well respected and trusted by his men.

Ruth Bernard
There are eight fighter teams in Aeriel, and 30 year old Ruth is the leader of one of these groups. Most of the other leaders are around 19 years of age, and they see him as their big brother (although they sometimes treat him like an old man). These leaders actually have no real battle experience.

Tim Fordy
Lucia’s colleague and friend from the Pilot Training Academy. She is also 19 years old, but she acts more like a 15 or 10 year old. She tends to be an airhead at times, but her hobby, creating original children’s books, makes her popular with the parents in the fleet.

Ralph Gley
A Nobel Prize winning physicist known as the founder of the theta particle. He is one of the developers of the Gunner system.