Intro Sequence

The year is 2025...

The Earth Federation forces are struggling to hold back an invasion from the outer reaches of space.

Earth Federation, First Fleet
Flagship "Oberon"
First Officer: "Critical damage to the battleship Kahn Garva! Heavy cruiser Cormorant, destroyed!"
First Officer: "15 percent of the fleet has been lost!"
Captain: "How could they be this powerful...?"
First Officer: "7 minutes until the fleet is scheduled to withdraw."
First Officer: "At the current rate, our losses will approach 30 percent."
Captain: "30 percent..."
Navigator: "Movement in the enemy fleet!"
Navigator: "They're gathering at one o'clock, range 20!"
Captain: "What are they trying to do...?"
Navigator: "Enemy warp signature! Small-scale reading, near this vessel!"
Captain: "What's going on?"

Heavy Cruiser "Titania"
First Officer: "What is that?"
First Officer: "AH!!"
Captain: "What is it?"
First Officer: "The Oberon!"
Captain: "How could that be...?"
First Officer: "We didn't detect the flagship's warp signature."
Captain: "That means the entire vessel was transported away...?"
First Officer: "Most likely, sir."
Captain: "Unbelievable..."

Earth Federation, Second Fleet
Carrier "Aeriel"
Lucia: "Ensign Cabrock, reporting."
Captain: "Ensign Cabrock... No... Lucia..."
Lucia: "Captain?"
Captain: "I have some bad news."
Captain: "Your father, Admiral Cabrock's vessel was..."
Lucia: "Did something happen to my father!?"
Captain: "We just received word. I don't have the details yet, but the admiral's vessel..."
Captain: "It was caught in an enemy transportation device and warped to a different dimension."
Lucia: "What are the plans for pursuit?"
Captain: "Well, we've been able to trace the vessel, and we have a rough idea of their destination..."
Lucia: "Nothing's being done!?"
Captain: "We're being overpowered in every engagement. With our current forces, the chances of victory are..."
Captain: "Almost zero."
Captain: "But..."
Captain: "There is a new fighter that is being rushed through the final adjustment process."
Captain: "Once it's operational, there may be some hope of success. We need to wait."
Lucia: "But they'll be killed before then!"
Captain: "That's the decision from High Command. I'm sorry, Lucia."
Lucia: "Father..."
Tim: "What's wrong, Lucia?"
Lucia: "My father's ship... It was taken by the enemy..."
Tim: "Was it destroyed!?"
Lucia: "No, but... It's in some other dimension. Apparently the enemy has some teleportation device..."
Tim: "So he's alive?"
Lucia: "I don't know. I don't know..."
Tim: "What about the fleet? What are they going to do?"
Lucia: "We have no chance of winning, with what we have now..."
Tim: "That's..."
Lucia: "But there's a new fighter unit that's in the final stages of development. As soon as that's ready..."
Tim: "You can't wait for that! You have to go now!"
Lucia: "But..."
Tim: "There's one of the prototypes for that fighter on this vessel, too."
Tim: "I heard Command Ruth talking about it."
Lucia: "What?"
Tim: "Come on, I'll help. You have to go!"
Lucia: "Tim...!"
Captain: "What's wrong?"
Operator: "An alarm in the docks... Intruder in Dock 14! It's the new fighter!"
Captain: "What!?"
Operator: "I'm opening a channel!"
Operator: "Intruder aboard CSH-01-XA! Respond!"
Lucia: "This is Ensign Cabrock. I..."
Captain: "Lucia?"
Captain: "That fighter is still in the adjustment phase! No one knows if it'll even work!"
Captain: "You need to stop!"
Lucia: "Father's going to be killed... I..."
Captain: "I know how you feel, but it's too dangerous!"
Operator: "The hatch is opening! It's too late!"
Lucia: "I'll make it back alive. Please let me go!"
Captain: "Let her go."
Operator: "Butů"
Captain: "It's hard... For me, too..."
Lucia: "Please don't die, father!"

Mid-Game Cutscene

Transmission: "This... Ear... ... Firs... ... broc..."
Lucia: "Could this be... Father?"
Transmission: "This is... rth Fede... ... Fleet... Ken Cabrock..."
Lucia: "Father! It's me! Can you hear me!? It's Lucia!"
Admiral: Cabrock "Lucia? Is that you, Lucia!?"
Lucia: "I'm going to save you! Hang on!"
Admiral: Cabrock "Lu..."
Lucia: "What's wrong!?"
Lieutenant: "Lucia!"
Lucia: "Lieutenant!?"
Lieutenant: "What am I going to do with you?"
Lucia: "I'm sorry, sir. But I..."
Lieutenant: "Well, I'm glad to see you're safe. We'll be joining you shortly."
Lucia: "Sir?"
Lieutenant: "The Captain is trying to convince Federation Headquarters to let us move out with the fleet."
Lieutenant: "Well, orders or no orders, I'll be there soon."
Lucia: "Lieutenant..."
Lieutenant: "Don't die, Lucia."